We have created a place where time stands still and worries melt away. A place with a unique genius loci, inside the green heart of Stromovka park, where cultural experiences are served. Welcome to the theatre tent Azyl78. Its round stage will grab you and never let go.


Dear guests, the theatre season 2022 inside the big top Azyl78 is now over! Thank you to all, who visited us and came to see our shows Journeys and The Jungle Book. We will cherish this shared joy for a long time. We are now arranging dates, as well as next year’s programme and will share all information with you in autumn. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter, so you don’t miss anything. We look forward to seeing you in our home theatre as well, at Jatka78 in the Prague Market, where we will kick off the new season on September 3. You will find our theatre’s program at www.jatka78.cz.

What to do for the rest of the summer?
Cirk La Putyka invites you to a colourful, joyous spectacle called Kaleidoscope. The theatre tent may be gone, but the BKAO Jungle Theatre Bar is still in Stromovka park until the end of August! Come enjoy their delicious summer refreshments, as well as a busy cultural programme. Follow all events on their Facebook profile.

About AZYL78

The Azyl78 scene is run by our theatre crew at Jatka78. The idea of owning a big top tent was partly due to the planned reconstruction of our permanent venue in the Prague Market. Although the reconstruction has yet to start and we are performing both at the theatre and at Azyl78, the big top has become our second home. The tent holds 520 spectator seats and has been custom designed by circus masters in Italy. Its exterior became a canvas for painter Lukáš Musil, who lent it his signature style of black lines and symbols, transforming the big top into a monumental artistic object. In Prague, we have found the ideal location within the Prague Exhibition Grounds, right next to theStromovka park. During the pandemic in 2021, the tent provided “asylum” to 20 different theatres and cultural projects as part of its one-year trial run. From March to June this year, we are running two of our own leading performances Cesty and The Jungle Book. We are also planning more shows on similar dates in 2023.

The Azyl78 project is supported by the Prague City Hall. Thank you!

Practical information

Time flies.

We recommend arriving in advance. We start on time and spectators are not allowed in once the show has begun.

Finding your spot.

Seats are not assigned and you’ll get a good view of the stage everywhere. The show is adjusted to a round arena and spectators are seated on wooden benches.

Change is the only constant.

However, tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Discount tickets are where it’s at.

A valid student card or another form of ID is required to obtain a discount. The theatre and toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Kids will be kids.

And they will need their own ticket. Please respect the age recommendations for each performance. Our shows are generally not suited for children under the age of five.


We welcome dogs at the bar, but they are not allowed inside the theatre tent.


It can be hot in the tent! We will not affect the weather. You go to the summer scene, where you will be outside, even if under sail. We recommend monitoring the forecast and adjusting your clothing accordingly.


Beverages are not to be consumed inside the tent. We recommend having a drink at the theatre bar before or after the show.

Bugs will be bugs.

A couple of mosquitos won’t close a theatre, but if you plan on hanging out at the Jungle BKAO bar into the late-night hours, be prepared to tackle some insects. Bug repellent works!

Always be prepared.

In other words, be ready to face the forces of nature. A cultural adventure awaits. We look forward to seeing you!


Right beside the main outdoor venue you will find the Jungle BKAO bar. During the day, it serves as a relaxing stop after a walk around Stromovka. Come evening, the bar pulses with unmistakable energy and is overflowing with life. Most of the time you can grab a snack at one of the local food trucks.

Every day 10AM — 12PM

Výstaviště, Prague 7-Bubeneč 170 00 Praha



Prague Exhibition Grounds, near the Stromovka park.



By a tram, no. 6, 12 and 17, tram stop Výstaviště. By the metro or train to Nádraží Holešovice, then transfer to the tram.


Car entrance is from the Za Elektrárnou street. Paid parking is behind the indoor swimming pool.


Rekola umístila jeden ze svých stojanů hned vedle našeho šapitó. Nemusíte být srdcem cyklista, vždycky ale můžete ulovit růžové kolo u zastávky Výstaviště a použít ho jako přibližovadlo. Nejen když zrovna nestíháte. Když šlápnete do pedálů, jste u Azylu78 do 5 minut.

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